George Kontsevich

BA Physics UCSB
BS Computer Science UCSB

I'm currently living in Chengdu, China doing freelance C++ work
Please feel free to get in touch at - georgek at

I do work almost exclusively in C++(11/14/17) with an current emphasis on optimizing code bases through tooling and hardware-specific inline assembly. My past experience have touched on radar, simulation, computer vision, statistics and linear algebra and these are topics I love revisiting. I'm also available for limited R and MATLAB work.

Radar control systems

Worked on a system of decentralized radar coordination for a small employee owned defense contractor - Toyon Research Corporation. The first half year I worked on a contract for a system coordinating shipborn radars for tracking aircraft. The remaining two years was on a system for tracking ballistic missiles through all stages of flight and to assist in anti-ballistic interception. Highlights:

  • Working on and maintaining a large C++(11) codebase
  • Designing a radar system for both physical accuracy as well as high performance (near real-time)
  • Designing a (boosted) ballistic missile simulation including multi-stage separation.
  • A full statistical evaluation of the mathematical correctness of the optimization algorithm.

Toyon Research Corporation, Santa Barbara CA 2012-2015

Quasioptical research

internship - Researching the transmission of terahertz radiation through ITOcoated touch screens for Synaptics Inc. on behalf of the ITST at the UCSB.

Synaptics UCSB 2011

Nonlinear systems and simulation

internship - Researching the theoretical possibilities presented by stochastic resonance in non-linear systems for filter design for two months at Hitachi Ltd., Japan. Designing and running simulations in MATLAB using SIMULINK. (Note: due to an NDA, I can’t share the details of this work).

Hitachi Yokohama, Japan 2010

Research assistant

internship - Part of a team at the ITST in the Electron Pulse Resonance (EPR) lab setting up and upgrading Free Electron Laser (FEL)


Research in photonic crystals

internship - Electromagnetic simulations for quasioptical crystal patterns optimization


Data Analyst - Neuroscience

internship - Data analysis in R of the retinal neural activity of mice at the Institute of Neuroscience (ION) at the University of Newcastle, UK. Independent

ION University of Newcastle Newcastle, UK 2009

Data Analyst – HTS cancer research

internship - Worked with a cancer research team on a large-scale statistical analysis of data on cancer inhibition using R and Bioconductor at the André Lwoff Institute (CNRS Villejuif, France)

CNRS Paris, France 2008


Fluent English, French, Russian

Basic Spanish, Japanese, Chinese